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For all cataract surgeons managing glaucoma patients

The world’s first, IOL-mounted, controlled release drug delivery platform capable of delivering multiple years of therapy


Targeting 3-year delivery of bimatoprost to treat glaucoma in patients undergoing cataract surgery

Dual pads securely attached to each haptic are designed to elute treatment continuously for multiple years. 

The SpyGlass Pharma™ Drug Delivery Platform has not been approved by the FDA


Directly addressing an unmet need

Patient non-adherence to their glaucoma medication can lead to complications, disease progression and vision loss. Methods of drug delivery independent of patient behavior is an industry-wide need.


Millions of glaucoma patients undergo cataract surgery each year



Explore the pioneering technology behind the SpyGlass Pharma™ Drug Delivery Platform


Designed to deliver multiple drugs to address additional ophthalmic indications


The device you know coupled with treatment you trust. All within the same procedure you know by heart.

The SpyGlass Pharma™ Drug Delivery Platform is Implanted with the IOL into the capsular bag using surgical techniques identical to standard cataract procedures. 

Intraocular drug delivery that lasts

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SpyGlass Pharma™ Strengthens Leadership to Further Advance its Intraocular Drug Delivery Platform

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SpyGlass Pharma™, a privately-held ophthalmic biotechnology company, today announced the appointments of Margot Goodkin, M.D., Ph.D., as Chief Medical Officer and Bilal Khan, MBA, to the SpyGlass Board of Directors. Dr. Goodkin and Mr. Khan each bring a wealth of experience to support the growth and continued development of the SpyGlass intraocular drug delivery platform. (View full press release)

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